Pizza Marko

One should offer the body something good so that the soul feels like living in it

“Winston Churchill”

About us

At Pizza Marko Ristorante, you are served by a young and engaged team that is ready to tempt you with our wide range of Pizzas, Pasta, Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and vegan dishes. All dishes are prepared
in-house from fresh Austrian ingredients, which are partially sourced from local farmers. Every pizza has garlic spread on the edges. Depending on the order, oregano can be sprinkled on it and it can be
prepared as a Calzone as well. If requested, your pizza can be made with whole-wheat dough, gluten-free wheat dough and lactose free cheese too.

For reservation call +43 216565444

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Pizza Marko
Voucher 10€

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Monday – Sunday, 11:00 – 22:00
With every order over 25,00 € you get a free delivery to Hainburg, Bad Deutsch Altenburg and Wolfsthal.

The order under 25,00 € is charged ( minimal order value 10,00)

Hainburg    1,50€,
Bad Deutsch Altenburg, Wolfsthal    2,50€

The delivery to other surrounding areas is possible with orders starting at 25,00 €. Following fees are charged:

Hundsheim, Petronell  3,00€
Berg, Prellenkirchen, Wildungsmauer, Regelsbrunn, Hollern, Edelstal, Schönabrunn   3,50€

You get the free delivery with every order over 60,00€.
Towns, which are not listed here, will gladly be supplied from an order value of 50,00 € plus 4,00 € delivery fee, if requested